July 10, 2015

[Writing] Childhood Breakup

"Hey dearest, come here for a second," my mom beckoned me. Honestly, I was fairly annoyed, given that I was in the middle of a gym battle, but I came anyway.

"Yeah mom, I'm coming," I replied.

"...and bring Molly with you."

I made a 360 and dashed to the door. Lo and behold! She was already stationed outside the door. I didn't waste any time in explaining - I pulled her in by the arm - no time to even say hello.

Mom was in the kitchen, as always. I just wasn't prepared for what she was going to say.

"Sweetie, you know that we are moving..." she started. I opened my mouth and shut it, bracing the inevitable. "We can't have her around anymore," she continued. I looked down. An air of melancholy surrounded her; she didn't say a word.

"I... I.... Let me say my goodbyes." I knew this was coming, but maybe I just wanted to delay it, so that maybe it won't happen, like hiding under the covers until the bad men go away.

"Goodbye Molly, I enjoyed our short span of forever together." I murmured. "I will always remember you," I whispered. "I'm sorry...." I started tearing up a little; she hated seeing me cry. Mom patted my shoulder, "It's done." I nodded.

So I dragged our old, weathered, mahogany armchair out the back door to the trash; half of me felt a strange sort of tranquility. As the chair sailed gracefully in the air, memories flooded my head. When it landed with the finality of a thud in the now not-so-empty trash bin, I knew, that everything was going to be all right.

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