June 28, 2017

[Writing] Fire

Cory noticed the ominous black smoke billowing outwards, and decided to run to safety. Sadly, his friends had other ideas.

"This will look great as my profile picture!" Dave smiled.

"We really need to go; can this wait until later?" reasoned Cory. "The building's burning down!"

Cory grabbed the nook on his elbow and started to pull. His phone shook as he wailed like a 5-year-old having a fit at the mall.

"But the flair!" he protested.

He slapped the phone out of his grasp and caught it with his other hand. "Come get it!" he taunted. It was already getting difficult to breathe. He had to act fast. Without a shred of forethought, he flung the smartphone over Dave's head and into the fire.

"Why did you do that? Now I have to buy a new one!"

Cory could wait no longer; he caught a whiff of black smoke. With the remainder of his energy, he grabbed him and slung him over his back, so that he looked like a weird Santa Claus. He pushed through the door and exited the premise....

Into a sea of flames. The entire room was burning. The flamboyant flames flickered, as if it was some kind of vivid, recurring nightmare. He took one look at the scene, and promptly turned backwards, and marched back into the room. His foot slyly clipped the door's edge, shutting out most of the smoke. He put down the previously screaming load and went to the window. Dust and debris rained from somewhere above him. With his back facing the outside, he crossed his heart and leaned backwards.

20-minute story challenge; 270 words cursive.

Tags: writing death fire