October 8, 2015

[Writing] Minor Miracle

"Pah!" He spat the mouthful of food out with such momentum that it hit the seat in front of him. He didn't expect the burrito to be so spicy, and was now gurgling his mouth with water, which didn't seem too effective. He gave what was left of his meal back to the flight attendant, and started cleaning up the mess that he made. He was so distracted that he zoned out of the conversation.

"We could play on the slides. That swingset was rusty anyway."

He looked over to his wonderful children; their first time on a real airplane! His daughter, noticing him glance over, wondered the question that he had been answering for the last 2 hours, "Where's the airplane going and who's inside?"

As he went into another sort-of droney but kind voice to explain where they were going, he noticed that she asked who was inside, but before he could ponder more, he blurted, "We're going to Hawaii, for..."

"No, not us! Them!" She pointed out the window. He watched in horror, as another plane barely missed them.

"That was a miracle," he thought, as the flight attendant put down another burrito in front of him. "Almost."

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