June 22, 2015

The End of School

So here I am again, at the end of the school year. Well, almost the end - I still have a public exam and still have to grab my report card, but at least all the classes are over. With the end of the academic year, I can finally focus full force on a lot more of my side projects, as well as some of my "online" courses. As of writing, I am currently enrolled in a Coursera Android class. The end of school also means that I could spend time honing my formerly non-existent chess skills. Mind you, I still need to study for the exam, but after that, I am/will be in full control for 2 months, right up till school starts again in September.

A (programming) project that I am currently working on is a Chip-8 Emulator. I have expanded it to a Chip-8 toolset, and am currently working on the assembler. (Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.) The going is quite slow, because of a small amount of procrastination. And studying.

As for blog schedules, I plan on posting (at least) once per week, and maybe even twice per week. Time isn't an issue, but I don't know.

Have a nice day!

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