March 4, 2015

[Writing] The Old Video

"You'd think they'd know better than to ask ME to do it." Bob thought aloud. "If my dad just passed away, that would be like rubbing salt into a wound, except it is. But they want to see it, so I'll let it be." Bob opened up his computer and began traversing through directories, scanning for any pictures, videos that had his dad (and preferably him) in it and started putting them all into a folder, in which he would create a video montage in memory of his father. It was lonely enough in the house after his mother passed away, but now, without his father, he was completely alone.

He finished copying the files into the folder, and clicked on his favourite video editor. The memories of their past adventures and mishaps flooded through his mind, but he cleared his head after the program had finished loading. He began inspecting the photos and videos one by one.

Some of the photos were so old that they were scanned in into the computer. Some of them were black and white. He was going through an old video of all three of them on vacation, when he noticed a flash in the middle of the footage. He played the part again, this time pausing on the exact frame the flash happened. To his surprise, he noticed the date: "8 July, 2004" in the dead center of a black background. His heartbeat quickened. He continued to play the video. He anticipated the flash this time, and noticed the date: "23 May, 2014". His hands began to sweat, as the video showed only himself building a sandcastle, mom and dad nowhere in sight. The video ends abruptly on the date: "25 May, 2014".

"That's today." Bob thought. With enormous effort, he pointed the cursor to close the video editor.

"He knows too much."

The last thing he heard was a sigh, and a shot. Then, he heard no more.

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